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NewGen: A gaming solution that will bring back the high technology addicted children into real social life by our unique concept ” From Reality To Virtuality” , this concept is applied with a 3D game called Hero From The Past, this game lets you include real existing figurines into the game by just sliding them on the back of your smartphone



DLVR: is a specialized company that provides delivery services for individuals and businesses. It connects service providers to consumers with a simple, real-time and technology-based platform for reliable, safer and more accessible delivery option.


Zeewhere: a mobile first social network that allow users to discover content related to geographical location. Users can upload content at link it to a specific location, other people that are visiting the same location can then consume this content and enrich their experience.



Map Numbers: an API to solve the locations addressing problems and having unique numbers. The aim is to enable the API to e-commerce stores to improve the customer experience.



M:MarnPosOne cloud platform to manage small and med business starting from sales to accounting reports

WalaPlus: WalaPlus is a program aims to boost your employee’s level of job satisfaction by giving them a chance to great offers & discounts (Travel & Tourism, Gyms, Restaurants, and Online shopping…etc.)

Mrsool: Mrsool is an online logistics platform that links local shops to deliver products to consumers at their homes (mainly women who can’t afford private drivers) rely on those couriers to deliver them goods they need.

Tomooh: Tomooh an app that helps students prepare for Saudi standardized tests (e.g., Qiyas ans Tahsily.)

Nassaj: Nassaj is a ‘Skills Profiling’ and ‘Messaging Intelligence’ Product that enables better utilization of human/relational capital in any organization. It analyzes e-mail logs to understand the misalignment between the Organization Structure and the informal networks that exist within the company. Later, it identifies the communication bottlenecks and influencers within the organization (talent, change, and knowledge management).

Suplift: Suplift is a peer-to-peer learning platform that helps people learn leisure skills and hobbies in their cities. Suplift provides the learners with access to real-life classes in their cities that are created by passionate local experts. Suplift provides the learners with access to real-life classes in their cities that are created by passionate local experts in those skills and hobbies.


Zid: Zid aims to help retailers from the micro/small size,to scale their sales and operations using the power of
e-commerce. Zid provides the merchants with a handy tool to help them to exercise full e-commerce experience and creates a new sales channel for them.

DateGIS: A platform that collects geo-spatial (via drones) data on date palm trees, analyzes it and makes precise recommendations to farmers at a tree level to help farmers increase date production, quality and yield, and reduce losses caused by infestation.

1 Terminal: For busy professionals or people who live far away from their families who want to stay connected and can’t afford to spend time looking for the perfect gift for their loved once, we offer a convenient gift collection giving the experience that is delivered either to you or directly to the recipient.

Hadaj:  Hadaj aims to connect the demand for sheep / sheep meet with the supply by streamlining the process by providing payments, transportation and quality assurance. Once tested, the services are easily scalable to any other animals (e.g., camels and horses).

Dook: A platform that helps businesses to optimize their in-house delivery operations.

The product is delivery fleet management platform that helps fleet owners increase the efficiency of the delivery operations and optimize the delivery time and costs.

Thiban: Thiban provides a platform to manage the sales operations and customer support to water bottling companies. While doing so, it offers customers the convenience to compare prices of a variety of water brands, order, and track delivery from their mobile phones.

Sayyer: Sayyer is a social assistant that will optimize gatherings with your friends, family and co-workers; and streamline all the services you need, and all the activities you share with them. Sayyer will guide users about the best time to meet with friends, keep record of financial settlements, offer ‘dinner choices’ the group will agree on, and so on.

Tarqeem: Give customers access to their queue position and wait time Raise the service quality by tracking actionable statistical data A web based solution that is affordable, modern, and flexible